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And give Him no rest, till Jerusalem is made the praise of the earth.
Isaiah 62:7

Welcome to New Song Radio

WFDU 89.1 FM

"New Song" music is beautifully composed melodies that touch the spirit of people across the world. New Song poetically expresses the love and sacrifice of Elohim God. Every spiritual hymn is inspired by the truth of God's word in the Bible. New Song music is written and composed by singers & song writers from all over the world with a unified theme that transcends cultural and geographic lines. New Song hymns are uplifting and inspirational. New Song music is heard on both and, and now on iHeartRadio!

Psalms 96:1 "Sing to the Lord a New Song; sing to the Lord all the earth."  Read More


Heard Sunday Night at 10:00pm (est), offers the listeners a mixture of music and segments that bring joy and a better understanding of Father’s and Mother’s Music. The segment Inside New Song Music is a weekly feature that takes a particular News Song and explains the entire song line by line to the listeners. The other segment called Fragrance of Heaven is a collection of listeners comments & fragrances about.


Heard Wednesday Night at 10:00pm (est). This broadcast is geared more for the international listeners. We start off with 1 hour and a half of all Spanish News Songs with Spanish Hosts. The second hour and a half we play some english New Songs with a feature of one of many New Songs in other languages. Some of the New Song music we have featured in other languages are: French, German, Russian, Tagalog, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali to name a few.


Heard Saturday Night at 10:00pm (EST) is our newest program. Thus far this will be a mostly all request show where the listeners can call in LIVE and request any New Song Music that would like to hear. At 11:00pm (est) we will have a TOP ELEVEN at ELEVEN COUNT UP PROGRAM where listen can e-mail us during the week their favorite New Song and play them in order of popularity on Saturday Night.  Do to the high volume of request on the Sunday show where we some times run out of time to play all of the New Song request from listeners from around the world. This is why the Saturday broadcast allows more listeners to call in and have their requests played to the Glory of Elohim God! New Song Radio (TRL) Total Request Live is heard on both and


New Songs are a collection of hymns and songs which originated in 1000 BC in the writings of King David. Through the New Song we come to understand the love and sacrifice of God Almighty; our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and our Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem, who are prophesied to come to this earth in this age. Listen to samples of New Song guides or instrumentals by viewing the playlist page by . Stay tuned as we are always adding to our New Song list. View Playlist